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Preorder Peony White Cap | APRIL PICKUP ONLY!

Preorder Peony White Cap | APRIL PICKUP ONLY!

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Peony White Cap - Available for Pickup April 5-7 During Peony Palooza! 

Transform your garden into a masterpiece with the Peony White Cap. This award-winning Japanese-style beauty boasts a captivating color display. Bright, beetroot-red outer petals cradle a center of creamy white and pink petaloids, creating a unique bi-colored bloom. The fragrant flowers transform as they open, revealing a stunning contrast. Unlike many peonies, White Cap boasts sturdy stems that require no staking. This easy-to-grow perennial thrives in full sun or partial shade, bringing weeks of mid-season blooms and delightful fragrance to your garden.

Pre-Order Today for Peony Palooza Pickup (MANY more varieties will be available at the Palooza)

For a stunning flower display, consider planting Peony White Cap alongside our other stunning peonies. Pre-order yours today for pickup during Peony Palooza, April 5-7!

Pre-Ordering Benefits

When you order, you’re LOCKING IN the plants you really want without the risk of sellout. Thanks for shopping with our family-owned business.

Important Pre-Order Information

  • This is a pre-order item available for pickup during The Peony Palooza, April 5-7 only. Other spring-ordered plants will be ready for pickup mid-to-late May.
  • Since these plants are custom-grown, refunds will not be issued for unclaimed pre-orders. The final pickup date is April 7th.

    Plant Details

    • You will receive one garden-ready plant grown in a 2+ gallon pot.
    • Blooms: Mid-Late Spring
    • Hardiness zones: 3-8
    • Light requirements: Full sun to light shade

    Plant Guarantee

    In the unlikely event of a crop failure, we will notify you and offer substitution or refund options.

    Image Disclaimer

    Please note that the images are representative of the variety in full bloom. The plant(s) you will be picking up are emerging from dormancy and just starting to develop buds. Peonies may or may not bloom during their first year in the garden. Meaning they will bloom longer at your home! 

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