Groovy Plants Ranch - FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our address is 4140 Co Rd 15 Marengo, OH 43334

How Can I Contact You?



(740) 675-2681

Do I need a ticket to visit Groovy Plants Ranch?

Nope! We are open to the public Monday-Sunday and there is no ticket required to visit the Ranch.

We do offer ticketed classes and workshops on our website.

Are you shipping plants?

We are not currently shipping plants and are focused on perfecting our instore sales & experience.

We are plant fanatics and are choosing to spend our time touching plants and dirt rather than boxes and packing tape.

Where can I see your plant inventory?

We post daily on social media with some of the plants we have in stock that day.

If you are looking for a particular plant either give us a call, shoot us an email, or send us a DM on social media to find out if we have what you're in search of.

We're always trying to expand our offerings and would love to hear any plant requests you may have.

Do you offer bulk or wholesale pricing?

We do offer wholesale at Groovy Plants Ranch (seasonally) but we do not wholesale everything we carry. At this moment our Wholesale program is closed for Spring/Summer and we will update here when it is offered again.


Our goal with this portion of the business is to offer a really great and easy CASH & CARRY option for plant sales. We understand large minimums with brokers and wholesalers, as well as not getting to pick your own plants, can be both prohibitive and frustrating. We hope that by offering this service it will make your product offering better, and hopefully will take a little bit of the pain out of the purchasing process.


Below you'll find our wholesale guidelines. 

  1. Wholesale customers must be an existing business with a federal tax ID. 
  2. Wholesale is predominantly CASH & CARRY (pickup) only. Although delivery within Ohio may be accommodated for larger orders, depending on location and the time of year.


If you are interested in learning more about our wholesale program, please shoot us an email to the address below.