We take great pride in what we do here at Groovy Plants Ranch and it's incredibly exciting when others take notice of our passion for plants, growing and horticulture. Below you'll find articles that the ranch has been lucky enough to have been featured in and awards we feel honored to have won.

Better Homes & Garden

Divide and Multiply

May 2020, Print

Ohio Greenhouse owners show how to expand your houseplant collection with three basic propagation techniques.


Midwest Living Magazine

Named Best Garden Shop!

February 2022, Online

Midwest Living

This Ohio Couple Sells Unique Succulents

June 24, 2019, Print & Online

"The original idea behind Groovy Plants was to sell unique plants," Jared says. "And that's still what we do. We breed or find succulents that no one else has." 

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Ohio Cooperative Living

Customers experience flower power at co-op members' unique garden center

August 2021, Print 

"If its vast plant selection weren't enough, Groovy Plants Ranch also offers a potpourri of far-out experiences. Customers get to shop for premium seeds and arty greeting cards in an 1869 schoolhouse or relish planting something green and gorgeous at the Potter's Saloon. Featuring an open bar, the self-serve saloon has two kinds of soil on tap - Jungle Boogie for house plants and True Grit for succulents and cacti."

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The Columbus Dispatch

Garden centers, nurseries adapt to coronavirus pandemic

April 12, 2020, Print & Online

Jared Hughes, the owner of Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, about 30 miles northwest of Downtown Columbus, had closed his on-site retail operation several weeks ago in response to the coronavirus pandemic. He has since reopened his doors.

“The whole thing changed for me when the governor and the top doctor (Ohio Department of Health Director Dr. Amy Acton) said that gardening is something we should be doing, that it is one of the best ways to get exercise” during the current crisis, Hughes said.

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Columbus Navigator

A Visit To Groovy Plants Ranch Is The Perfect Way To Nurture Your Green Thumb

Spring 2020, Online

The Ranch is nestled into a 2-acre partially wooded property. The plant selection changes by season, with fruits and veggies, herbs, annual and perennial plants, pumpkins, house plants and more. The place is a plant lovers heaven. Honestly, it’s heaven whether you enjoy plants or not. The smells, the sounds of live music through the trees, it’s all insanely magical.

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2021 Best of Columbus

Reason for a Plant-Based Road Trip

July 2021, Print

"We're 100 percent committed to making a fun, inviting space for people- with great plants." Hughes says.

Country Living

A greenhouse where you can get your groovy on. Just go to Groovy Plants Ranch!

June 2015, Print

"We love sharing what we do; plants enrich people's lives and make the environment more beautiful."

The Morrow County Sentinel

Groovy Plants Ranch set to open new speciality nursery in Marengo

March 3, 2016, Online & Print

Groovy Plants Ranch, a wholesale specialty plant nursery located in Cardington, aims to blend a distinct shopping experience with its wide selection of unusual plants and succlents, for its customers.

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Greenhouse Product News

Groovy Plants Ranch to Open Retail Store

March 4th, 2016, Online & Print

“We’re definitely purveyors of plants and hope to hook a whole new generation of gardeners with our unique mix of plants,” says owner Jared Hughes. “Here, we’ll feature quality, craft-grown plants that shoppers won’t find elsewhere.”

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The Columbus Dispatch

Gardening | Experts, too, have their own

December 29, 2019, Online & Print

Hughes wants to dive into raising some challenging or unusual plants.

“I am digging deeper into growing more unique things from seeds,” he said. “I am trying to grow more rare perennials from seed."

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What Should We Do Today Columbus

Groovy Plants Ranch is A Plant Lover’s Heaven!

Fall 2020, Online

Groovy Plants Ranch in Marengo, Ohio is a plant lovers dream come true! Greenhouses filled with cacti, house plants and succulents and rows of annuals and perennials are a delight!

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The Morrow Country Sentinel

Groovy Plants Ranch has unique selection

October 13th, 2020, Online & Print

“We have an amazing selection of carving pumpkins and heirloom pumpkins, all those funky ones everybody loves. We have bulbs for spring flowers in the schoolhouse right now. Our mums are perfect gumdrops with tons of flowers on them just cracking color.”

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Columbus Underground

Shop Talk: Groovy Plants Ranch an Oasis of Houseplants, Cacti & Succulents

October 28, 2020, Online & Print

Groovy Plants Ranch, located at 4140 County Rd 15 in Maregno, is a one-stop-shop for all things plants. In addition to their massive selection of plants and ceramics, their knowledgeable staff is ready to answer any questions and make sure you know how to care for your plant before you take it home.

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Lawn & Garden Retailer

5 Minutes with Jared Hughes

February 2021, Print

Hughes holding his hybrid 'Canary Wing' begonia (an all-gold variety of the garden favorite 'Dragon Wing').

The Morrow Country Sentinel

Groovy Plants Ranch owner boasts online success

March 19, 2021, Online & Print

Groovy Plants Ranch owner Liz Hughes of Marengo overflowed with enthusiasm as she described the changes and growth in their business since increasing their online presence during the pandemic.

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Greenhouse Product News Magazine

40 Under 40

May 2021, Print

Liz, owner of Groovy Plants Ranch created and manages garden center's online store that over the past five years has "become so successful that we now have a small army to manage the orders and are shipping live plants to consumers in all 50 states!"

Garden Center Magazine

Cultivate'21 IGC road trip

July 10, 2021, Print

True to its name, Groovy Plants Ranch (GPR) offers customers a break from the norm and lends itself as a prime garden center destination, even during the off-season summer months. GPR specializes in perennials, annuals, houseplants, succulents, air plants, and cacti and is entirely outdoors. Customers can meander through the different stations, some of which feature blooming cacti intertwined with native plants, a 152-year-old schoolhouse, and even an Instagram-famous hippie van. GPR's artistic, informative signage (complete with handy QR codes) sets their customers up for success long after they leave the garden center. 

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614 ColumBEST Magazine

How Marengo's weird and whacky Groovy Plants Ranch blossomed into the plant destination it is today

May 13, 2022, Print & Online

Ask Jared Hughes where Groovy Plants Ranch began and he’ll give you the same answer he gives to everyone. And it’s the last place most of us would expect.

“It was the floor of Foertmeyer and Sons,” he said with a restrained chuckle.

While in college, Hughes took a position as a general laborer at Foertmeyer & Sons Greenhouse in Delaware, Ohio. He didn’t know—or care—much about plants or their cultivation at the time, but slowly, like the green sliver sprout breaking through the soil, both his knowledge and his desire grew.

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