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Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | PICKUP ONLY!

Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!
Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!
Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!

If you’re a fan of the Hardy Banana, wait until you see our Hardy Elephant EarNEW for 2024! These hardy 'Polar Green' Elephant Ears are the perfect companion plant to go with your thriving bananas, 'King Tut' Papyrus, Lily 'African Queen' and 'Mango' Canna Lilies in your backyard paradise. They will grow vigorously to form a mass and add to the tropical feel! PLUS they’re an Ohio winter hardy perennial, meaning next year they’ll look even better! Not all Elephant ears are hardy. If you are looking for a hardy, tropical elephant ear, this is the one for you. Order yours TODAY for spring PICKUP!

Note: Plant me in the ground, I'm a perennial! Hardy perennial zones 5-11

When you order for spring, you’re LOCKING IN the plants you really want without the risk of sellout. These plants are grown JUST FOR YOU! Plus, you help us grow more sustainably and you'll get punches on your FREQUENT FLOWER CARD at pickup for future savings on MORE PLANTS! Thanks for shopping with our family-owned business.

New plants become available for preorder weekly. WE’LL ORGANIZE YOUR ORDERS TOGETHER AT THE TIME OF PICKUP. Click “Notify When Available” so you know when the next great plants are released for ordering.

*THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM, IT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP IN EARLY TO MID MAY. We’ll send you an email with pick up dates WHEN your item(s) can be picked up.

These plants are custom grown for the buyer and refunds will not be issued for plants that are not picked up.

WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE: One plant grown in a 1+Gallon SuperVigor Bio pot. This plant will multiply into a clump over time. We recommend planting 3 or more for the most impact and a quickly developing clump..

LIGHT: Partial Shade/Full Sun


In the unlikely event that we run into a crop failure we will notify you and will provide substitution or refund options.

Please note that images are a representation of our offering and not of the exact plant that you will receive. All plants are unique but we strive to provide you with an accurate depiction of what you will receive. We will handpick the best from our selection for you!

Plant with...

Getting the most out of your garden tropicals is easy with our simple TROPICAL SUCCESS KIT!


Tropical Success KitTropical plants like Hardy Bananas*, Hardy Elephant Ears*, Cannas, and Papyrus are hungry, and grow best in loose organic rich soil with plenty of nutrients. This quick and easy success kit combines our favorite soil amendment ‘The Cow’ with our favorite feed for fast growth ‘AlgoPlus’. There’s no time to waste in Ohio for fast growth, so set your plants up for success from the start!

Preorder your Tropical Success Kit Now

Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!
Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!
Preorder Hardy Elephant Ear | Pickup Only!