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Preorder Tropical Success Kit | PICKUP ONLY!

Preorder Tropical Success Kit | PICKUP ONLY!

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Tropical plants like Hardy Bananas*, Hardy Elephant Ears*, Cannas, and Papyrus are hungry, and grow best in loose organic rich soil with plenty of nutrients. This quick and easy success kit combines our favorite soil amendment ‘The Cow’ with our favorite feed for fast growth ‘AlgoPlus’. There’s no time to waste in Ohio for fast growth, so set your plants up for success from the start!

*We recommend one full bag of Cow per Banana or Elepehant Ear. This aids in quick growth and GREATLY IMPROVES OVERWINTERING.

Each success kit comes with one 1 Cubic Foot Bag of Holy Cow and a bottle of our famous AlgoPlus liquid plant food. 

*THIS IS A PREORDER ITEM, IT WILL BE AVAILABLE FOR PICKUP IN EARLY TO MID MAY. We’ll send you an email with pick up dates WHEN your item(s) can be picked up.

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