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2024 Fritillaria

Fritillaria are cool bulb plants that pop up in the spring with amazing, droopy, bell-shaped flowers. Imagine a bunch of fancy little hanging lanterns growing in your garden, that's kind of what they look like. Fritillaria come in many fun colors and patterns, it's like a flower fashion show! They come in classic checkered patterns, bold oranges and yellows. They pop up in the spring, bringing a burst of color right when your garden needs a pick-me-up after the winter blahs.


    THESE BULBS will not be available in our store. Our First Drop is . We will select the best varieties of Fritillaria and release them to our VIP GROOVY MEMBERS each week ending at midnight.


    We want you to have the Grooviest experience possible. There's plenty to do not only at the Ranch, but also in the area. We do suggest a 'ROAD TRIP'


    2024 Fritillaria pickup begins . Stop by, say "Hi" and enjoy your Fritillaria.

Why We Love: Fritillaria