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2024 Allium Ordering

Get ready to groove up your garden with our exclusive Allium bulb preorders! We're getting ready for Fall with Fall Bulbs. First up are Allium. You've probably seen them or even wondered what those purple, blue and white pom-poms you've been seeing in the landscape.

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    First Drop is . We will select the best varieties of Allium and release them to our VIP GROOVY MEMBERS each week ending at midnight.


    We want you to have the Grooviest experience possible. There's plenty to do not only at the Ranch, but also in the area. We do suggest a 'ROAD TRIP'


    2024 Allium Ordering pickup begins . Stop by, say "Hi" and enjoy your Allium.

Why We Love: Allium

Allium bulbs are the rock stars of the garden, bringing a burst of color and a touch of whimsy with their globe-like flowers. Known for their striking appearance and easy-to-grow nature, Alliums are a favorite among both novice and experienced gardeners. These bulbs not only add visual interest but also attract pollinators, making your garden a lively and vibrant space.