Key to Success With Hardy Banana Trees

Key to Success With Hardy Banana Trees

In this video Jared shares some tips on how to be successful with planting Hardy Bananas in Zone 5. We do sell these here at the ranch, click here to purchase!
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Greetings, My banana tree and the babies seem to be getting holes in the leaves. The tips are black but we have had a lot of rain so I don’t think that is the issue. I want to share the baby plants but just need to know the holes and what to do. It produced 7 babies. Thanks for your help.


I bought my first banana plant from you last year. I followed all your instructions to the tee but it has not come back. No sprouts, nothing. Any ideas why it didn’t come back?

Julie Horzsa

Hi! Do these banana trees do well in pots?
Thank you! I LOVE The Ranch!!!

Nancy Winrow

I live in Toledo Ohio. Will the banana plants be ok to plant and live thru the winter?

Cynthia Castilleja

Will the Japanese banana trees grow in this climate?


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