Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday Gift Guide

Ho! Ho! Ho! It’s gift-giving season. Our team has put together a gift guide to help you share your plant love with family and friends. We may be biased but houseplants truly make worthy gifts. They’re a great value and keep on giving by boosting moods, enhancing décor and satisfying curious souls. With you as a mentor, your giftees will get off to a solid start. (Of course, we’re here too with plenty of extra help.)

Trio of Festive Plants

Let’s start with three holiday plant picks to stockpile for teacher thank-yous, pet sitter gifts, party hostesses and any last-minute gift exchanges. First, our retail manager Felicia recommends the store’s spectacular poinsettias. She’s blown away by our huge selection including classic red as well as ruffled, candy-cane speckled and variegated varieties like our team favorite ‘Tapestry.’

Second, we have an abundance of Thanksgiving cacti loaded with buds (pink, red or white) to put on a show all holiday long for only $9.99 (4-inch pot). Felicia advises giving them bright light and allowing them to dry out before each watering.

Third, we have plenty of potted amaryllis bulbs for gift giving. Your friends will love watching the bulbs come to life as leaves emerge, big blooms unfold and even a second round of blooms can return the next year. Choose from pink, red and white flowers.

Hoyas Galore

According to our ecommerce leader Kelly, hoyas have been crazy popular this year. Luckily, we have a huge selection with more than 30 varieties. These waxy-leaved darlings are low maintenance and reward with surprising, star-shaped blooms. The plants range from minis and heart hoyas to rope and tricolor hoyas. We even have a blog post with plenty of growing tips to jot down and enclose with the plant. We’ll make you look like a plant pro!

Captivating Orchids

Another stylish houseplant option is an orchid. And we offer some stunning varieties you won’t find at groceries or big box stores. Try easy-to-grow varieties like Dendrobiums with their showy flowers or Oncidiums with their tall arching sprays of “dancing ladies.” Our lady slipper orchids (available in store only) are also sure to amaze. For an orchid gift set, add orchid potting mix, liquid fertilizer and a special orchid pot with multiple breathing holes. If you’re ordering online, we’re happy to report impressive results shipping orchids across the country. We carefully package them in bud form, so you’re guaranteed weeks of blooms.

Rare Plant Splurges

For the serious plant collectors on your list, check out our rare plants selection and sign up for emails of our upcoming rare plant releases. Check out our quirky yet affordable Albuca spiralis 'Frizzle Sizzle' with its corkscrew leaves. We also grow unusual beauties like fishtail hoyas, whale fin sansevierias, variegated bear’s paw, triangle ficus, variegated string of hearts and even variegated monsteras. Prices range from $12 for the uncommon to $495 for the super rare. Plant-obsessed loved ones will absolutely swoon!!!

Groovy Soaps, Candles and Cards

At the Ranch, we’re happy to support local artisans and even filled our schoolhouse (and online store) with a selection of soy candles, handmade soaps by head grower Natalie and plant-themed cards by HandHeld & Company. Where else can you find a “cactisaurus” greeting card?

Keep an eye out for our emails. We’re giving away a limited-edition Groovy Plants hippie bus ornament when you purchase through our website on Cyber Monday. Supplies are limited, so shop early!

Punny White Elephant Pot

Our charming white elephant pot is the perfect choice for a white elephant gift exchange. We love it potted with our trendiest mini houseplant -- turtle vine (Callisia repens 'Bianca'). Another fun novel pot is our head planter. Simply fill it with pothos or another vining, hair-like plant, and it’s guaranteed a smile!

If you’d like to unleash your own creativity, check out our new indoor potting bar with a big selection of pots for all your gift plants. Enjoy personalizing plant and pot combinations for each plant lover on your list! Besides, the potting mix is free, and the mess stays at the store.

Gift Sets for All

To make shopping easy, Kelly and Felicia have created several essential gift sets. For the beginner, try our starter set with one- and two-plant options. For the hostess, try our Thanksgiving cactus gift set including a flowering plant, homemade soap and pine-scented candle. For a novel gift, check out the macrame air plant set with an air plant tucked in a cool piece of cholla wood. For practicality, go with the garden tools set or a Preston watering can. For cuteness, consider our mini trio collections of tropicals, succulents or callisias. And, of course, there’s always the gift card option. Your giftee will have fun shopping for the perfect plant and save you any stress!

Share Your Own Wish List

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of our online wish list feature. Here, you can assemble all your favorites to make it easier for loved ones to shop for you. Wink, wink!
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RE: Turtle Planter.
My daughter took me to your place last summer and we had a blast. She has a devastating cancer and is getting her bucket list accomplished. We are going to try to get there this year. That said, she just sent a pic of a flower turtle ceramic planter. Would it be possible to have it shipped up here near Cleveland OH? I’d love to surprise her! I’m the lady who emailed you that I saw an elderly couple stealing a wagon load of plants at that side entrance near driveway. I was so upset that they’d do that to such a great home-local business.


Looking for a poinsettia to send to my daughter in CA. Do you still have those available? Thank you


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