Groovy "Green" Pots

Groovy "Green" Pots

Every day is Earth Day here at Groovy Plants Ranch! And we’re hyped to be one of the first garden centers nationally to grow and sell thousands of plants in these cool, nubby brown, biodegradable pots. The pots are made of 100 percent post-consumer material and can easily be torn and tossed in the garden or compost pile.


What was the motivation to make the switch? We were concerned about the millions of plastic pots that were being sent to the landfill each year. As a business, we set a goal to reduce the amount of trash thrown away at the end of the season.


How did you find these biodegradable pots? We’ve been researching and experimenting with eco- friendly pot options for a couple years. We looked at everything from peat pots to coir pots and even cow pots made from recycled manure. We finally landed on these biodegradable pots that hold up to being wet in the greenhouse yet break down later in the garden. 

Will you still grow plants in plastic pots? Yes, we’re continuing to use and recycle plastic pots especially for long-term plants. The switch to biodegradable pots will be a gradual one.

Are biodegradable pots more expensive? Yes, the pots cost more, but we think the investment is worth it and expect pot prices to drop as others join us in this effort.

Do I leave the plant in the biodegradable pot when I place it in the ground? No, remove the plant first to allow the roots to fully grow. Otherwise, the pot will restrict roots and cause them to circle around the pot in an unhealthy way. See here for our demo video.

What do I do with the empty pots? Simply rip them up then scatter the pieces in the garden or add them to a compost pile. Again, see the video for deets. Start at the 2:11 minute mark for the break down breakdown!

What are the pots made of? These biodegradable pots are made of 100 percent post-consumer material like recycled cardboard pulp and wood fibers.

How long can I keep a plant in a pot? If you aren’t ready to plant your plants right away, you can keep them in these pots for a season. We find they breathe like a clay pot and tend to dry out quicker than plastic pots.

What else is Groovy Plants doing to be more green and environmentally sustainable?

In addition to these biodegradable pots, Groovy Plants uses biocontrols to manage diseases and pests, saves energy by growing many plants in unheated greenhouses, markets native plants and a wide selection of drought tolerant succulents and cacti, showcases pollinator plants in display gardens and offers educational classes and green gardening content on topics like pollinator gardens and native plants. We use micro-irrigation to conserve water and installed heated floors in our newest production facility to save energy. We also intentionally avoid selling invasive plants, harmful fertilizers, and toxic pesticides and insecticides.

See our growing team pot up some plants in our new pots here!

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I am in desperate need of a large mature purple waffle plant.

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