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Tsubotaara Melinda Marie 'Blue Moon' | Orchid | FOLIAGE ONLY

Tsubotaara Melinda Marie 'Blue Moon' | Orchid

This gorgeous orchid produces unique white flowers with purple edges. Orchids love high humidity and make for wonderful houseplants that will spark joy in any space they're placed in.


* This is an orchid that's recently finished bloom and may not bloom again until next year. It could bloom sooner depending on care.


*Orchids will be shipped with an immature flower spike, they will not be fully in bloom. This is for the health and safety of the plant and to ensure it arrives in the best possible condition.



Plant grown in a 3.5” container


Bright indirect light


Keep soil moist but do not let the root sit in standing water.


White, Purple

** HEAT PACK included FREE with all plant purchases during colder months (November - March) **


We grow and package our plants with the utmost care. Please note that images are a representation of our offering and not of the exact plant that you will receive. All plants are unique but we strive to provide you with an accurate depiction of what you will receive. We will handpick the best from our selection to send you!


*Photo courtesy of Kalapana Tropicals*

Tsubotaara Melinda Marie 'Blue Moon' | Orchid