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Senecio rowleyanus variegata | Variegated String of Pearls Succulent | Groovy Plants Ranch

Senecio rowleyanus variegata | Variegated String of Pearls

$ 12.99

This succulent is a rare and exciting. The green, cream, and slight pink variegation is outstanding. Variegated String of Pearls is a slower growing plant then the fully green version. It can be a tricky plant to take care of indoors but it totally worth the effort!  

What you Will Receive Plant grown in a 4" container
Light Bright Indirect Light
Water Allow Plant to Completely Dry Between Thorough Waterings
Color Green, White, Cream, Pink
Shipping Because of USDA regulations all plants are shipped bareroot
Shipping Monday - Wednesday
Shipping All plants shipped with heat pack November-March. Buyer pay $2 for heat pack, included in shipping cost. No exceptions.
All Plants are Craft Grown, Naturally and with Great Care by Groovy Plants Ranch

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