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Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone' | 4"

Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'
Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'
Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'
This is an exceptionally rare and sought after sansevieria with beautiful variegated leaves.  This plant is characterized by its wide leaves that look like paddles or a beavers tail. It's extremely low maintenance and would make for an excellent housepant! Listing is for a rooted leaf. New plantlets will glow from leaf over time.

This plant will be packaged to absolute perfection. Click here to check out our 9,000+ Etsy reviews! No refunds or returns for rare plants; purchase at your own risk.


Plant grown in a 4” container


Lower light houseplant. Happy anywhere from lower to bright light. Avoid direct sun.


Water when dry. Drought tolerant. Do not over-water.


Green, Brown

** HEAT PACK included FREE with all plant purchases during colder months (November - March) **



We grow and package our plants with the utmost care. Please note that images are a representation of our offering and not of the exact plant that you will receive. All plants are unique but we strive to provide you with an accurate depiction of what you will receive. We will handpick the best from our selection to send you!


Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'
Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'
Sansevieria kirkii 'Coppertone'