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Poinsettia Glitter | Order Online for Instore Pickup

Preorder Poinsettia Red Glitter

Nothing says happy holidays like a beautiful poinsettia! Glitter is a great twist on a classic. It still features brilliant red leaves but is a little jazzier than the traditional red. This variety is offered in two sizes; the 4.5” is great for placing on a table or the standard 6.5". Pay online and pick up in-store!*


*This order contains a live plant product, we will hold your ordered plant for two weeks after ordering. If you are unable to pickup your ordered plant within two weeks of ordering please email 


Order With Confidence

Happy customers are our #1 priority. In the unlikely event that we run into a crop failure we will notify you and will provide substitution or refund options.

    Preorder Poinsettia Red Glitter