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Ledebouria socialis | Silver Squill Purple Green Succulent Bulb | Groovy Plants Ranch

Ledebouria socialis | Silver Squill

$ 8.99

Ledebouria socialis is a cool bulb forming succulent. With broad leopard spotted leaves and large purple bulbs. Silver Squill can be planted with the bulb fully buried or half of the bulb above the soil level. Either is fine for the health of the plant, we opt to plant it with the bulb showing because it ads to the interest. Squill bloom with delicate white blooms in late summer. 

 What you Will Receive Plant grown in a 3.5" container
Light Full Sun, Bright light for a minimum of 6 hours
Water Allow Plant to Completely Dry Between Thorough Waterings
Color Green, Pink, Purple, Spotted
Shipping Because of USDA regulations all plants are shipped bareroot
Shipping Monday - Wednesday
All Plants are Craft Grown, Naturally and with Great Care by Groovy Plants Ranch

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