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Asparagus Crowns | Order to PICKUP TODAY!

Asparagus Crowns | Order to PICKUP TODAY!

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Calling all veggie lovers! We're thrilled to offer two exceptional varieties to get your asparagus patch started: 'Jersey Giant' and 'Sweet Purple'.

  • Jersey Giant: This variety boasts medium to large, succulent spears and impressive disease resistance against rust and fusarium.
  • Sweet Purple: Embrace a touch of the unexpected with this stunning dark purple asparagus. Enjoy its delightful sweetness, surpassing the flavor of traditional green varieties.


What's Included:

Each purchase includes one asparagus crown. We recommend planting at least five crowns to establish a thriving asparagus patch.

Planting Guide:

For optimal results, follow these simple planting instructions:

  1. Prep Your Patch: Clear the planting area of any weeds, roots, or rocks. Loosen the soil for better root development.
  2. Dig a Trench: Create a 12-inch trench with a mound of soil in the center.
  3. Position Your Crowns: Gently spread the asparagus crown roots on the mound, ensuring the crown sits on top.
  4. Fill and Cover: Backfill the trench with a mixture of compost and soil, burying the crown to a depth of 2 inches.
  5. Harvest window: Asparagus season generally starts in late April or early May, depending on your location and weather conditions. Plant this year for a 2025 harvest. 

Photo Credit: Leo Berbee Bulb Company

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