Alocasia Polly | African Mask Plant
Alocasia Polly | African Mask Plant

Alocasia polly | African Mask Plant

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Alocasia polly or African Mask Plant is a great houseplant for the enthusiast looking for a striking plant to add to their collection. Polly likes to be in a warm bright area and will benefit from being placed in a humid location such as over the sink or in a bright bathroom. 

What you will receive Plant grown in a 4" container
Light Lower light house plant. Happy anywhere from lower to bright light, avoid direct sun.
Water Keep soil moist but do not let the root sit in standing water
Color Green, Purple 
Shipping Because of USDA regulations some plants are shipped bareroot
Shipping Monday - Wednesday
Shipping All plants shipped with heat pack November-March. Buyer pays $2 for heat pack, included in shipping cost. No exceptions.


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