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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns


We strive to get your plants to you as quickly and healthy as possible. Thus, we ship all plants USPS priority or better; no exceptions.

We ship Monday through Wednesday to prevent weekend delays, which is especially important for the winter months.

We ship all plants with a heat pack November-March. All orders have a $2 heat pack fee added to the shipping cost during those months. You may live in a temperate climate but we do not. Our greenhouse is located in the middle of Ohio; it gets quite cold here.

Returns & Refunds

We do not accept returns of plants; they will not survive the return trip.

We offer provisional refunds on plants within 7 days of the shipped date. All plants are healthy when they depart. Unfortunate things can and occasionally do happen during shipping. If you open your package and are unhappy with the condition the plant showed up in; take a picture of it in the packaging and send us a detailed e-mail. We want you to be fully satisfied with your order and will work to please you.

We do not offer refunds for plants that did not survive your care. If you are concerned about your plants health contact us ASAP. We will do our best to help in any way we can.