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Sansevieria 'Futura Superba' | Snake Plant 4"

Snake plants are among the easiest house plants to grown and care for. They prefer to be placed near a bright window and to be watered when dry. However, they can handle less then idea conditions for long periods of time before they show signs of stress.  Sansevieria 'Futura Superba' can grown up to 4' high over the course of several years. It features bright yellow edged leaves with attractive dark green centers. 

What you Will Receive Plant grown in a 4" container
Light Bright Indirect Light for Much of the Day 
Water Allow Plant to Completely Dry Between Thorough Waterings
Color Green Yellow
Shipping Because of USDA regulations all plants are shipped bareroot
Shipping Monday - Wednesday
All Plants are Craft Grown, Naturally and with Great Care by Groovy Plants Ranch